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Do you get a quality night sleep?

If you don’t have room darkening blinds and shades, the answer is probably no. Even the smallest amount of light coming thru your blinds can keep you up at night. There are many choices in black out blinds and room darkening options that will give you the perfect sleeping environment no matter the time of day. Let us help you find the perfect solution.

Top-Down / Bottom-Up

You can have it all with privacy + natural light with top down shades.

Natural light entering your home can be wonderful improving your mood and productivity. But what if you still need privacy? You can control the light and privacy to create the ideal environment with top down / bottom up shades. They are offered in the popular honeycomb but please ask us to see the new roman shade like options.

Cordless / Child-Safe

Make safety a priority with child safe blinds.

If your home has children and pets you maybe looking for cordless blind options. We have a large selection of blinds that you can now eliminate those dangling cords that appeal to the little hands and paws. You will have peace of mind with these new innovative safety features.

Energy Efficient

Winnipeg has some dramatic temperature swings from hot summer days to cold cold winter nights.

It’s common to lose up to 40% of energy at the window. Protect your home and create a comfortable temperature with energy efficient window shades and save money while doing it.

Large Window

Beautiful Large windows and want to know how to maximize their beauty?

Large windows can be a homeowners dream until they need to cover them to keep out heat or give some level of privacy. The damage from the UV, or too much glare for your TV may require blinds and we have the solutions. We specialize in this area so we can create a solution to solve your problem and enhance your beautiful window and view.

Glass Door

Looking for French door or sliding glass door treatments?

Enjoy access to your outdoor space with convenient options for your sliding door. There are new smart solutions for these type of doors. Gone are the days when verticals were your only option. Choose from honeycomb shades with sleek minimal side glides, shutters, draperies or panel tracks to complement your rollershades. Your options are endless now!


We have you covered!

Hunter Douglas has specifically designed their beautiful duette honeycomb shades with a sleek side glide to allow for a smooth operating shade no matter the position of your tilt turn window.

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