Draperies & Bedding for Winnipeg Residents

What impression do you wish to create when people enter your home or business? Is the sun a nuisance for you at certain times of the day? Are there opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your space? These are the questions the staff at Superblinds can help you with. We carry everything from designer draperies to custom bedding, along with the industry know-how backed by a company with 40 years’ experience.

Why settle for the conventional? At Superblinds, we carry all styles of window treatments — including motorized blinds and shades – that are all designed to impress. We deal with some of the most dependable names in home furnishing. From draperies to bedding, we have it all. Our partners include:


Although we specialize in window treatments, our expertise and product line extends to furnishings throughout the home. Superblinds can outfit any room with our distinct range of quality brands and custom made options. Our design advice will make the difference in your home. Call or drop by our downtown location today.

Protect Your Furniture

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